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Serving all of Western Michigan


Serving all of Western Michigan

UV Lights

UV Lights in Grand Rapids, MI

Let us help your home become a healthier place. Cleaner air starts with your HVAC system, where air is constantly recycled to keep you comfortable and may also recirculate viruses, bacteria, and other tiny contaminants. A UV light system helps to keep germs at bay, killing them off and effectively sterilizing them, leaving them unable to do you harm.

GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc is here for all of your indoor air quality needs in Grand Rapids, MI. We install ultraviolet lights from GeneralAire and REME HALO within your HVAC system to truly target those contaminants that could otherwise make you ill. We just want your family to feel comfortable and healthy with the help of some of the best products on the market. Let us prove it to you! Contact us today for prompt, personal, professional service.

Is Your Air Filter Doing Enough?

You already have an air filter installed near your furnace in order to catch and trap many of the particles that make the people in your home sick. Hopefully, you change the air filter every month or at least every few months. But it may not be doing a thorough job of cleaning your air.

Your filter is engineered so that it is not too effective, or it would stop air from flowing through as well! So, some of the smallest contaminants are still able to make it through. Often, the smallest contaminants are microbiological contaminants like bacteria and viruses that make you sick.

The Terrible Trio: Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold Spores

Exposure to certain viruses and bacteria can make you and your family members sick. Diseases such as strep throat, the flu, pneumonia, and the common cold can be airborne, and may continue to travel throughout your home’s air long after an affected individual coughs or sneezes.

Mold is a common allergen, and can lead to illness even in those without preexisting conditions. It can grow as condensation forms on a furnace or air conditioner, and mold spores may continuously move throughout your home’s air. These contaminants must be killed and sterilized to make them safe to breathe in.

How UV Purification Work to Keep Your Air Healthy

Ultraviolet lights are installed within your HVAC and air duct system. All of the air that gets sucked into the heater or air conditioner and moved into your home first has to pass by the UV lights. Ultraviolet light kills and sterilizes germs and kills mold as well. This drastically reduces the amount of contaminants in your HVAC system and keeps your family healthy, especially if you experience frequent illnesses in your household or someone in the family has an immune system disorder.

Our UV Lights and Indoor Air Quality Services

Looking for the right indoor air quality product for your home? It’s best to consult a comfort professional. We have the experience to know what’s out there and will always listen to your needs to make sure you have the right system to keep you healthy and comfortable.

We install ultraviolet lights and other indoor air quality products, and we offer services for your UV light system as well, including repair and maintenance services. We work with REME HALO and GeneralAire, but we can service any make or model. Get in touch with our NATE–certified comfort professionals for excellent customer service and a product you’ll love.