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Serving all of Western Michigan


Serving all of Western Michigan

Central Air Conditioners

Grand Rapids MI Central Air Conditioners

While some homeowners rely on window units or portable systems to stay cool, these are not the best options for homes that really need long-lasting comfort and efficiency. For that, you're going to need something like a centralized air conditioner. These systems are the most popular type of air conditioner in the country, and for good reason! Looking to upgrade to a new central air conditioner? Need repairs done on your old one? Need service quickly on a hot summer day? We can make sure your central AC always performs as needed.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, top-of-the-line products, and a no-hassle maintenance plan to keep your air conditioner in the best possible shape. Get in touch with our team to schedule quality service for your central air conditioner in Grand Rapids, MI or anywhere in Western Michigan. GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc: Prompt, personal, professional service.

We Install High–Efficiency Central Air Units

A high–efficiency air conditioner can help you to save money in the long–term. Today, technology exists that allows central air conditioners to run just as well as you need them to without using a ton of energy. While you might invest more upfront, you will save money over the years, and the savings should eventually offset the initial cost with proper use.

If a high–efficiency air conditioner does not fit your budget, we can help you to find something that will. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service rather than pushing customers into buying systems or services they don’t really need.

Schedule AC Repair in Grand Rapids Today

Our air conditioning installations are reliable and come from some of the top brands in the industry. However, if you do notice a problem with your central AC system, whether or not we installed it in the first place, you should call our team for air conditioning repair as soon as you can.

The longer you wait for air conditioning repair, the worse a problem can get. A small refrigerant leak can cause trouble for your compressor, and even a dirty outside coil can spiral into a total system breakdown. No matter how big or how small of a problem with your air conditioner, get the service you need ASAP.

Our Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Routine maintenance of your central air conditioning system is the best way to prevent repair needs. With regular maintenance, you might not notice so many problems with your air conditioner over time, and you can lower your bills significantly.

We offer a maintenance program to make it easier on you. Our Service Club gives you a 20+ point safety inspection and tune–up for your air conditioner and your heater twice a year, along with priority service and discounts throughout the year. What’s really great is that you never have to sign a contract. You make monthly payments and always have an easy out.

Prompt, Personal, Professional Service in Grand Rapids, MI

A split air conditioner may be the most common central AC system in the country, but our services are anything but common. We offer prompt, professional, personalized service you can count on. We can show up as quickly as possible when you need repairs.

Our installation services go above and beyond, as do our maintenance sessions. That’s what we’re all about: going the extra mile with a smile. Call our friendly team today and schedule quality AC service in Grand Rapids, MI.