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Serving all of Western Michigan


Serving all of Western Michigan

Duct Repair and Sealing

Duct Repair and Sealing in Grand Rapids, MI

Often, we show up to repair a heater or air conditioning system and find out that the biggest problem is actually within the air ducts. The system of vents that leads out to the rooms in your home can be subject to a lot of problems over the years, from ducts that have minor holes leaking out more air than you think, to a piece of ductwork collapsing completely. We want to make sure that your ductwork is in the best shape possible so that you have efficient airflow all throughout the house.

Call GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc for service that is personalized to your needs. We go the extra mile for you, treating your home and HVAC system as if it were our own. We’re so certain you’ll love our service that we offer a 100% guarantee on everything we do. Just check out our reviews to see what we mean! Contact us today for duct sealing or duct repair in Grand Rapids, MI.

Some of the Signs of Leaky Ducts

If you’ve been suffering from airflow and temperature problems for a long time, the problem might not have much to do with the actual AC or heating equipment. There may be refrigerant leaking from an air conditioner or a problem with the burners of your furnace, but there are some signs that holes in the air ducts are actually at fault.

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Hot or cold spots in some rooms
  • Low airflow from the vents
  • High energy bills and an AC/heater that runs constantly

Why You Should Be Concerned about Leaky Ducts

Any of the issues listed above may be due to another electrical or mechanical issue, but either way, it’s worth it to call in a technician ASAP. If there are leaks in the ductwork, your home is not getting the airflow it needs because cooled or heated air moves into the walls and other unoccupied spaces instead.

That means you waste money running a system that isn’t adequately keeping you warm or cool. The system runs constantly without reaching the settings on the thermostat, which means higher bills and trouble for the equipment, as it is subject to unnecessary wear and tear.

Why Our Professionals Are Best for the Job

When you suspect your air ducts are at fault for your heating and cooling troubles, contact a professional. Some people think that duct tape will be able to do the job fine, but there are a couple of problems with that.

First of all, finding a leak can be harder than you think, and there may be more than you think as well! Technicians can do testing to really narrow in on the problem. Secondly, duct tape really does not bode well for ducts, and it can be a fire hazard! Our comfort specialists make sure your ducts are safe and sound.

Our Complete Duct Sealing and Repair Services in Grand Rapids

We’re here for all your duct sealing and duct repair needs. While other contractors may overlook the ducts, we know that this is a common source of trouble. We have the tools and experience to tackle the problem and help you lower your bills.

Make us your one–stop shop for air conditioning and heating service in Grand Rapids, MI, and you’ll know your air ducts are always in good hands. GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc: Prompt, Personal, Professional Service.