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Serving all of Western Michigan


Serving all of Western Michigan

Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers

Grand Rapids, MI Air Filtration Systems & Air Purifiers

Your family’s health and wellbeing is the most important thing to you—so it’s the most important thing to us as well. We treat your home and HVAC system as if they were our own, which is why we offer some of the finest products in indoor air quality today. The air in your home might be filled with allergens, germs, and particulate you’d rather not breathe in, and we’ve got a solution for you.

Products from GeneralAire and REME HALO help to eliminate allergens and sterilize the air, helping your family members to stay healthy year-round. We can service any make or model of air filtration system or air purifier, or recommend solutions for a new air filtration system in Grand Rapids, MI. Call our friendly team for unbeatable customer service that’s personalized for your needs. GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc: Prompt, personal, professional service.

Choosing the Right Air Filter or Air Filtration System

When you are looking for a quality air filter to alleviate allergy symptoms and other health issues, it’s best to consult with an expert. Air filter effectiveness is measured by its MERV rating (minimum efficiency reporting value), and the filter in your home likely has a MERV of about 1–4. The higher the number, the better the filtration, and you may be able to find a filter with a much higher rating.

However, it is possible for a filter to be too effective, blocking airflow as well as particulate in the air. A skilled technician can help you find a filter or filtration system that is compatible with your HVAC system.

We Install Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers

We trust REME HALO and GeneralAire to supply quality air filters and air purifying systems for any home’s needs. Take a look at some of the systems we can install for your home:

  • REME HALO in–duct air purifiers use electromagnetic energy to send plasma throughout the home and neutralize particles in the air, not just those that pass through the HVAC system.
  • GeneralAire air cleaners that combine filtration, UV germicidal light disinfection, and ionized air purification in a single system.
  • Whole–house UV air purifiers to kill germs, electronic air cleaners, and air filtration systems.

Need Service for Your Air Purifier?

Maybe you already have an air purifier in your home, but you’ve only recently realized it’s not doing its job, or it’s beginning to block airflow from moving through your home. No worries; we can provide service for any make or model, whether or not we installed your system in the first place. We will only recommend a replacement air purifier if we truly think it’s the best option for your home, but we have a range of options to choose from to ensure you are as healthy as possible.

Call our Team for Air Filtration and Air Purification in Grand Rapids

When you want cleaner air for your home, contact our friendly team. We can install a UV air purifier to kill off germs and sterilize the air, preventing illnesses, or service an electronic air purifier that’s no longer doing its job. We ensure air filtration systems are the right fit for your home.

Most importantly, our customer service is unmatched in the area. We treat your home and your HVAC system as if they were our own, putting your health and wellness above all else. Call GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc today!