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Our Good Ideas: Switching to Heat Pump Technology

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Published January 4, 2021
Our Good Ideas: Switching to Heat Pump Technology

Heat pump technology still hasn’t caught on as much as we wish it did. Sure, many homeowners are diving into their first heat pump purchase, but we still have lots of homes that would be better off with a heat pump instead of a furnace and central air conditioner. The truth is that homeowners like what they’re used to, and it’s hard to change when you don’t know what that change might bring. You could say people are a bit afraid of what they don’t know.

Well, let’s change that. We’re going to shine the spotlight on heat pump technology today because it’s our responsibility as your experts on HVAC in Grand Rapids, MI. When you leave this blog post, you’ll know a lot more about how heat pumps work, when they’re best suited for a home, and if your home might be perfect for a system like this.

How Does It Work?

Let’s first get this point out of the way. If you’re ever going to be convinced that your home could use a heat pump, you’ll need to know how it works. It’s not magic, and there’s no burning of fuel, it’s just the same process as your air conditioner—except in reverse!

When a heat pump works, it moves refrigerant from an outdoor cabinet to the indoor system through a series of cycles. This process draws heat from the outside of your home, regardless of how cold it feels, and brings it inside. Since heat is relative, (meaning we only feel a lack of heat, not the complete absence of it) there’s always heat to be absorbed in the air outside, especially when temperatures are mild during the winter. The heat pump can be switched from heating to cooling mode when temperatures get hot during the summer, and this gives you a heating and cooling system that operates year-round!

Heat pumps do a wonderful job at keeping your home comfortable through the milder seasons. In the spring, summer, and fall, you can expect lower energy bills, comfortable indoor temperatures, and smooth system operation. Sometimes heat pumps can lack efficiency when temperatures get extremely cold, but that depends on the type of home you have.

When a Heat Pump Is Worth It

It gets cold here in Grand Rapids, which means you need a heating system that’s willing to keep your home warm and cozy at an affordable rate. Though it also gets hot in the summer, and you’ll want a cooling system as well. If you’re in the market for both types of comfort systems, then it would be a great idea to look at a heat pump. These systems kill two birds with one stone by keeping you comfortable throughout the whole year.

While they lose a bit of efficiency in extremely cold winters, you could invest in a dual fuel system. Dual fuel systems are heat pumps combined with gas furnaces that are set up to combat both mild temperatures and extremely cold dips. When things get extra frigid, the gas furnace kicks on to keep things efficient and comfortable. Then when temperatures get mild, the heat pump can go back to doing its job!

Contact GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc for any questions about heat pump technology.

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